Privacy Policy

1. Location of servers uses servers in Germany to provide its services. Only Chase is the admin of these services.

2. Third parties

You might be using a client that uses services not hosted by, such as:

3. Federation

You might be participating in rooms and spaces of other servers (similar to communicating with different email providers) or in local rooms and spaces with users from other servers. cannot control in guaranteed manner, how these providers might handle messages and uploads provided by you over federation.

4. Data we collect

The webserver as well as the Matrix homeserver collects data for moderation and logging/debugging purposes. This data includes:

5. Data expiry

Most data you provide expires on this homeserver:

6. Data processing

Collected data by our webserver (when using the Element Webclient of or accessing the Matrix homeserver of, such as your IP-Address might be used in case of debugging issues or for moderation purposes.

7. Data deletion

If you so wish, you may use your client to delete your account completely from our server. This action is GDPR-compliant and cannot be reverted. In such an event, only your username will remain to prevent impersonation and errors with federation.

If you decide to redact a message, users on our server will be unable to read its contents. We can't, however, guarantee that this request is honored by remote servers and services.

8. Data export

You may request or correct personal data stored on our servers, you should be able to do all of this through your client.

9. Cookies

Third parties mentioned above (and below) may place cookies needed to provide parts of their features or more. In case of a web-client, you can control these by using your browser's settings. Otherwise, please mind the privacy and/or cookie-policy of the application you are using our service with.

10. Changes of this document

This document is unlikely to change over time, but if it does, the will notify all users of its change if they wish to continue using our service and abide by our terms.